As a born and raised Floridian, I'm going to take you on a journey through the Florida waters and meet some wildlife animals. In the story you'll meet a turtle, a manatee, an osprey, a slithering snake and the spirit cardinal bird Gigi. You might even see those pesky mosquitoes Florida is known for. The turtle goes through some troubling times when she gets caught in a fishing net and with mama turtle away the snake sees an opportunity to try and attack her babies nest. The turtle's friends come to her rescue to try and save both mama turtle and baby turtles from harm. Through this heart-filled story children can learn about how to be a friend to others and how friends are special people who are there for them. Families are brought together through the interactive elements of the story too. Throughout the story there are discussion questions and activities that are designed to connect the characters in the book with the reader's real-life experiences. Rich conversation and special memories are sure to result from one generation to the next as adults and children share their own stories with one another through the interactive telling and re-telling of the story.

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